A cookie is a file that is downloaded onto your IT device when you access certain websites. Among other things, cookies allow websites to store and recover information relating to a user’s browsing habits and equipment. Depending on the information gathered and the way in which the equipment is used, they may be used to recognise the user’s equipment.

However, cookies only obtain information relating to the number of pages visited, the city to which the IP address being used to access the site is assigned, the number of new users, the frequency of visits and the number of repeat visits, the time of each visit, the browser or operating system and the kind of terminal used to make each visit. They never collect data on the user’s name or the postal address from which the user has connected to the site.

 The cookies used on this Website are listed below, together with a description of their specific purpose:

  • _utma cookie (Google Analytics): Expires 2 years after it was last updated. This cookie generates a unique user ID and records the date and the first and last time that the user visited a website. It is used to count the number of times a single user visits the site in question.
  • _utmz cookie (Google Analytics): Expires after 6 months. This cookie stores the place where the visitor comes from and the path followed to access the website (direct access, via a link from another website, entering certain keywords in a search engine, from a display campaign or as the result of an AdWords advertisement). This cookie is used to calculate the amount of traffic from search engines (organic and PPC), display advertising campaigns and browsing within the same website (internal links). It is updated every time the user visits the website.
  • PHPSESSID cookie (proprietary): This cookie is used to begin a session for each user who visits a page on our Website. It is a way of identifying and managing status (session variables) for a specific user and allows this information to be moved from page to page on the Website.
  • _ga/_gat cookie (proprietary): Used to identify/distinguish between users.
  • lang cookie (proprietary): Stores the language in which the Website is viewed.
  • pll_language cookie (proprietary): Stores the visitor’s default language so that the website appears automatically in that language.
  • cg_cookie_accepted cookie (proprietary): Stores a user’s preferences in relation to accepting cookies.
  • devicePixelratio cookie (proprietary): This is designed to identify the type of screen attached to the user’s device in order to show images in the relevant resolution. Expires after one week.
  • Twitter cookies: Tweets plugin configuration. It includes Google Analytics cookies. 

 Cookies may be authorised, blocked or removed from your device using the options settings in your browser. You can find information on how to do this on the most commonly used browsers by following the links shown below:


However, we would remind you that it is possible that disabling some cookies may impede or prevent browsing or the provision of some of the services offered on this Website.